Mr. Murali, Director of Venus Home Appliances

Improved Layout for FG Storage, Reducing Batch size in Sheet metal section improving efficiency and storage space requirement, Reducing 40 min tool change to less than 20 min in Sheet metal section, From 1 hour to less than 20 min in Tank Welding, From 30 min to less than 10 min in Pad Printing, Identifying Non-Value Added time in the most expensive European machinery to improve 10% in Productivity

Mr. Titten Thomas, Partner of Kelachandra Pipes and Fittings

The following results were observed in the 5S and SMED programs conducted by Hash Management Services.

  • Due to SMED there has been an improvement of 12.5% in turnover
  • Set up time reduced by 75%
  • Well organized and clean factory environment
  • Motivated employees

Mr. Narayanan, General Manager, Paragon Polymer Products, Kottayam

The Lean Manufacturing program conducted between November 2012 and Aug 2013 was really useful in improving Productivity. Most of our sub-contracting units reported nearly 30% improvement in productivity. All the moulds were given color-wise identification leading to reduction in searching time and mix-up of moulds. Online packing system is introduced leading to reduction in WIP.

Mr. Joseph, Director of Glenrock Rubber Products

While we have done many improvements in our production system over the years, we have never before encountered such  level of excellence as implemented by Hash Management Services. The experience at each phase of the implementation of 5S was superior and innovative. We highly recommend Hash Management Services for 5S implementation.