Steps to be followed in Single Minute Exchange of Dies(SMED)

 In this post we have explained about what is SMED and how to implement SMED in your machine or equipment.

SMED- Single Minute Exchange of Dies

  • Reducing the changeover time to the single digit (below 10 min) of the equipment or machine.

Changeover time

  • Changeover time should be calculated as the time between production of the last good part and production of the first good part.


In SMED, Changeover elements can be classified into two major categories

  • Internal – Work elements that can be done only when the equipment is not running
  • External – Work elements that can be done when the equipment is running


  • Form a Cross Functional Team comprising of managers, executives and technician
  • Identify the bottleneck equipment/ machine where the changeover time is high
  • Record the change-over using camera
  • Review the video with the cross functional team
  • Brain storm with the team and list out the Internal and External Works
  • Identify the wastes that can be eliminated from the changeover process and eliminate the same
  • Complete all the external work elements during the machine is running (i.e., before the starting the changeover/ during the production)
  • Convert the possible Internal work elements to External and complete the same during the machine is running
  • Make a trial run with the improvements that are decided in the meeting
  • Observe the changeover time

Repeat the process until the changeover is removed from bottleneck process.

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