Results of our workshop on Single Minute Exchange of Dies

We had recently conducted a 3 day Intensive Workshop on Quick Changeover in one of India’s largest Tyre manufacturing company.

Current State: The changeover time was 23 mins and 2 employees were engaged in the changeover. There are around 15 changeovers in a shift which means the total change over time was around 345 mins.

This was a 3 day intensive workshop.

Day 1: We provided a basic understanding of lean manufacturing and how continuous flow ensures that SMED and other tools would be followed by the team. Then we shot the current changeover time (23 mins). After the video shoot, the team was provided an understanding of SMED, Internal and External activities and how to eliminate the external activities. We started analysing the activities and classifying them into Internal and External activities.

Day 2: Analysis of the video was done and the team had started providing many ideas to eliminate the external activities and reduce the internal activities. We ahd done a trial run of the changeover and we achieved the changeover in 16 mins

Day 3: More than 40 ideas were provided by the team. Ideas that can be easily implemented were completed and we took a changeover and achieved it under 12 mins. The team was also provided guidance on creating SOPs, training the operators on SMED and regularly monitoring the same.

Results: Changeover time reduction of 50%. Machine availability increased by around 2.5 hours per shift and around 7.5 hours per day