Unlock Your Career In Manufacturing: Level One Book

  • In India, several studies conducted on the employability skills state that only 5% to 10% of the Engineers graduating from the Institutions are Job-Ready / Employable
  • Industries require workforce which are readily employable, so that they do not have to spend a lot of money and effort on providing basic skills and on-the-Job training
  • While large organisations have Induction training for their employees, many medium and small scale companies do not have proper structure to provide this training.
  • Their employees work with very little awareness of the best practices of the industry, making them frustrated, fire-fighting for day-to-day activities and results in a lot of stress.
  • This also makes the companies uncompetitive, leading to poor business performance, resulting in poor motivation of the people, and this becomes a vicious cycle.
  • This publication is aimed at providing the fundamentals of manufacturing management which are not offered by any of our institutions/curriculum to Engineers and Diploma Holders who are joining Manufacturing Industry

If you are in final year Mechanical Engineering or Electrical & Electronics Engineering course, this book would help in understanding the basics of the manufacturing industry and would help in getting a job easily.

If you are a Human Resource Professional, you can provide this book to your new employees and guide them on the basics of the industry, so that they can be readily employable. This book would serve as an Induction Kit for the new employees.