Operational Excellence at Venus Home Appliances (P) Ltd.

July 31, 2017

Project Brief: We worked with Venus Home Appliances (P) Ltd. in implementing Operational Excellence through Lean Manufacturing. They are the brand owners of Venus Water Heaters and the manufacturing unit is located in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu

Project Details: This project focuses on Layout changes to enable product flow and implementing lean improvements in the unit. Currently, batch production is being done. Our layout proposal would help the unit in implementing the flow and thus reducing the internal product transportation from more than 2000 feet to less than 1000 feet. We also suggested more than 30 kaizen to improve the productivity and improve delivery.

Status: More than 30% improvement in productivity, Improvement of more than 10% output from their expensive European Machine, Set up time reduction by more than 50% in bottleneck operations.

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