Operational Excellence at VKC Footwear, Mysore

March 24, 2018


We worked with VKC Footwear (headquartered in Calicut) at their Mysore unit. The project aimed at reducing the Work-In-Progress (WIP) from more than 10 days to less than 6 days. We have also implemented 5S in their unit and brought a culture of Quality Assurance.

Before State (As-Is Situation):

The unit had a WIP of 10 days of stock from the Cutting section to the Packing section. Reworks were not recorded properly and very high rejection rates (more than 2%) were observed. The plant was untidy, unorganised and many machines leaked oil and the work environment was not conducive for productivity enhancement.

What we did:

Overall sales/despatch from the unit was studied and based on the despatch pattern, the work-in-Process was optimised at each stage (i.e. Cutting, Printing, Stitching, Pouring and Despatch). Vehicle routing and sub-contracting unit volumes and articles were studied in detail to reduce the overall WIP. Similarly Continuous Flow was implemented to improve productivity in the Stitching units.

Quality tools like Fish Bone Diagram, Brainstorming, Pareto Analysis were used to reduce the defects.

5S training has been provided to the teams and zone-wise implementation had been carried out.

After the engagement / Future State:

  • Overall WIP reduced from 10 days to 6 days – More than Rs. 40 Lakhs impact in the EBITDA
  • Stitching units improved production by 25%
  • Overall improvement in Quality (Less than 1% defects)
  • Implementation of 5S in the unit