5S Implementation in Kelachandra Pipe Industries and Fittings Kerala

July 31, 2017

Project Brief: Lean Manufacturing at Kelachandra Pipe Industries and fittings.

Project Details: Before the engagement, the setup time of PVC machines was more than 3 hours, we reduced the setup times of the pipe extrusion machine to 23 minutes. Similarly Injection moulding machines setup time was around 4 hours which was reduced to 45 minutes.
Similarly, there was no 5S in the factory. no specific workplace arrangements, daily cleaning was absent and a lot of unwanted items in the shopfloor. we formed teams, trained the people and implemented 5S in the factory Results: More than 12.5% improvement.

Results: More than 12.5% improvement in productivity, Reduction of Setup times, Clean and Well maintained Shop floor.

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