5S Implementation at Falcon Agencies, Calicut and Kochi

July 31, 2017

Project Brief: 5S implementation at Falcon Agencies, Calicut and Kochi. Falcon Agencies is a part of Paragon and they are distributing Paragon Footwear to Kerala wholesalers and Retailers. Their warehouse is more than 20000 sq.ft.

Project Details: Lot of old/obsolete items, no specific arrangements leading to searching for materials and delay in servicing customers. We removed all the obsolete items, created specific zones for each items, used identifications, color codings and helped in eliminating searching and faster delivery.

Results of 5S Implementation: More than 3000 sq.ft is released. Customer service time reduced from more than 2 hours to less than 20 minutes. Overtime has been eliminated in the peak seasons.

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