5S Implementation

5S Implementation at a large Switchgear Manufacturer in Chennai

March 24, 2018


We have started working with a large Switch Gear manufacturer based in Chennai in implementing 5S across their 3 units.

Before State (As-Is Situation):

The plant was untidy, unorganised and many machines leaked oil and the work environment was not conducive for productivity enhancement.

What we did:

We have started the engagement by provided an initial orientation to the employees on 5S. We have also formed the zones with a leader in each zone who would spearhead the implementation of 5S in the zone. We have removed a lot of unwanted items / non-moving items from the units. Set In Order (2S) is currently in progress where the team members would arrange items according to the requirement / usage and use labels and color codes for easy identification.

The engagement is in progress.