5S Implementation at Chromaprint, Coimbatore

March 24, 2018


We have started working with a large Printing company based in Coimbatore which supplies to all major FMCG and Liquor brands in the country.

Before State (As-Is Situation):

The plant was untidy, unorganised and many machines leaked oil and the work environment was not conducive for productivity enhancement. Paper Scraps were present all over the shop floor. layout was not optimised and high transportation (Non-Value Adding activity) was observed.

What we did:

We have started the engagement by provided an initial orientation to the employees on 5S. We have also formed the zones with a leader in each zone who would spearhead the implementation of 5S in the zone. We have removed a lot of unwanted items / non-moving items from the units. Set In Order (2S) was done where the team members arranged items according to the requirement / usage and use labels and color codes for easy identification. Machines were also cleaned everyday and Preventive Maintenance is being carried out based on the “Preventive Maintenance Checklist” prescribed by the machine manufacturer.

5S Internal Audits were conducted recently and best performing zones and team members were identified and rewards and recognitions were provided to sustain the initiatives.


More than 500 sqft savings in Space. Less breakdown of machines. Overall improvement of culture in the company