SMED Workshop / Implementation at JK Tyres, Chennai

December 12, 2018


We have conducted a 3 day workshop on SMED at JK Tyres, Chennai plant focusing on the bottleneck machine’s changeover time reduction.

Before State (As-Is Situation):

The bottleneck machine was identified and the current change-over time was around 23 minutes. The target was fixed to be less than 10 minutes.

What we did:

We have started the workshop by providing an initial orientation to the employees on Lean manufacturing and SMED. Current state video was taken on the 1st day which was observed to be 23 minutes. The teams along with the operators are then trained in detail to understand the Internal and External activities of the changeover. The team provided more than 40 ideas and more than 20 ideas were finalised for immediate implementation on the 2nd day.

During the 2nd day, the team took action on all the 20 points.

During the 3rd day, we conducted the changeover in the machine with the same combination of products (as on the 1st day) and the result was 12 minutes.


We achieved 12 minutes of changeover time which is around 50% reduction in changeover. The team also created the action plan to reduce the changeover to less than 10 minutes in future.