Guidelines for Machine arrangement in a Continuous Flow Production

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In our last blog post, we shared our latest Infographic on 8 wastes according to Lean Manufacturing. In this blog, we would discuss the points that are to be considered while forming a cell for creating a continuous flow layout.


  • Simple Single task equipment’s can be preferred over Large Multi-tasking equipment


  • Introduce auto eject (Level 3 Automation) whenever operators must use both hands to handle the part


  • Install one touch automation in possible areas. One touch automation means that an operator can place a part in a machine, Initiate the machine cycle and move on


  • Avoid batching, Ideally machines should be able to process one piece at a time in less than Takt time


  • Incorporate sensors to signal abnormal conditions and even automatically stop machines if necessary, So operations don’t needs to watch machines during their cycle


  • Design in maintainability. This means machine designs that are easily accessible for maintenance and repairs, and can be fixed quickly.


  • At the pacemaker process, strive to devise machine changeovers between different and items that take less than one takt time cycle


Source: “Creating Continuous Flow ” by Mike Rother & Rick Harris