Cycle Time, Takt Time and Bottleneck Process in Manufacturing

In one of our earlier posts, we explained about Cycle Time, Lead time and Value Added Time. Today in this video, we explain Cycle Time, Takt Time and the Bottleneck Activities. All the 3 terms are related to each other and we clearly explain this in the video. This video is in Tamil Language.

Cycle Time: Time taken to complete a process/activity. This includes Loading Time, Process Time, Unloading Time and any other related activities (For e.g. In a Turning activity, there may be an Insert Changing activity once for 100 pieces. We need to measure this time and proportionately add to each cycle time to get the exact cycle time). This cycle time is measured for each process / activities.

Takt Time: The rate at which we need to produce, to meet the customer’s demand.

Bottleck Activities: Activities whose cycle times are more than the Takt time are bottleneck activities. All improvement activities must be done in the bottleneck activities, to reduce the cycle times and meet the customer demand. These improvements are called Kaizen (Continuous Improvements. Kaizens are small improvements that bring big impact in the productivity)

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