We are a Chennai based business advisory firm working with manufacturing companies in increasing their profitability through Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management initiatives.

Our Team


Managing Partner

Ananth has over 12 years of experience in the areas of Implementation of Lean Manufacturing concepts, Quality Management, and Supply Chain Management initiatives.

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Associate Consultant

Suganth has more than 3 years experience in Maintenance Function at a large Automotive OEM. He completed his Mechanical Engineering Degree from University College of Engineering, Nagercoil.

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Associate Consultant

Siva has more than 3 years of experience in manufacturing processes including Quality, Shop Floor management and Customer handling functions in Tier 1 supplier to a large Automotive OEM.

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prabhu Hash Management Services LLP


Associate Consultant

Prabhu is working as Associate Consultant with Hash Manufacturing Services LLP.  Prabhu has an year of experience in project management at Dranzer Technovations..

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Industries Worked

We work with medium and large scale industries across Iron and Steel, Fabrication, Auto Ancillaries, Plastics, Rubber Products, Leather and Footwear, Food Processing industries, to name a few. Some of India’s most trusted brands and well known business houses are our customers. Over the last 7 years, we had worked with more than 50 awesome companies, transformed the way they work by adding great value.

Fresh Ideas

Our Mission is to solve our customer’s problems using simple, practical and easy-to-follow systems thereby delivering exceptional value, generating trust and long term relationship with our customers.

We believe our job is done when our client sustain and improve upon our solutions, become competitive and create great places to work.

Implementation Driven

Our solutions are focused on one thing. “How can the client sustain the initiatives after our engagement?”. Many consulting engagements fail after the engagement is completed due to lack of sustenance. However, we approach the situation differently. We ask “How can we help the client solve this problem today? And from tomorrow by themselves?” We train and work with all the levels of people and we believe in team work.

Our Work

We instill Lean Philosophy in our clients. Just In Time, Load Levelling, 5S, SMED, PokaYoke, TPM, Kanban, etc. are some of the Lean Tools we use. We also help our clients in location analysis, purchase planning / inventory optimization and Business Process Re-Engineering initiatives.

We believe in learning new every day and with each and every customer, we learn a lot about the customer, industry and people.

Our Culture

  • We would continuously innovate and challenge the Status Quo, delivering highest value to our customers
  • We provide a work environment that fosters Innovation and Teamwork
  • We recruit, train and work with A+ members to solve our customers’ problems
  • We continuously Learn, Un-Learn and Re-Learn to be competitive
  • We would create an environment where people come to work, smiling.

Our Guiding Values

  • We work with Private (Partnerships / Private Ltd / Public Ltd) organisations only. We do not work with Government / Quasi-Government Organisations / Cluster based initiatives (funded by Government /Ministries and NGOs).
  • We would follow all the rules of the land and would be transparent in our business transactions.
  • Client Data and business information would be kept confidential.
  • We would never compromise on the integrity and our values for the sake of winning projects / making profits.
  • We do not give gifts to clients / others and do not accept gifts / bribe under any circumstances.
  • We do not work with competing companies in a rolling period of 6 months.
  • We do not recruit personnel from our customers.
  • We never recommend someone (for jobs) to our customers